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human-driven & digitally savvy organisations, programmes, and events


Everyone says that they want to build programmes, projects, and products for people and with their best interest in mind. That is simply not true.

We understand that a genuine human-driven approach in the world focused on growth is difficult to pursue.
We want to work with those who try.


We can help you!




Events & Community Outreach

Trainings and Coaching

Strategic Consultancy

How do you know that you are, in fact, doing well? Is your business model sustainable?

Are you interested in defining and measuring your social impact? 

We can help you define, design, implement, measure, and demonstrate your social impact. No vanity stats, no meaningless terms. Word.


We guide you through a process of defining a sustainable strategy for your programmes, projects, and products

Game Strategy Plan

Human-Centered Events & Community Outreach

We can help you design the community side of your business and define ways to sustain it online and offline.

We can guide you through a process of defining a sustainable strategy for your programmes, projects, and products.


Making sure you understand, support, and engage your community in what to do will ensure your work is relevant and needed.


Trainings and Coaching

We design knowledge sharing processes and offer on-site and online workshops. Do you want to create an environment which supports knowledge sharing? Migrate educational experiences online? We are ready to help.

In addition, we offer professional coaching relating to internal organisational management and burnout. You can read more about it here.

Trainings and Coaching

Alicja Peszkowska (she/her) is a consultant, researcher, and a participation strategist working at the intersection of technology and social change. Her track record and expertise include communications, community building, content curation, project and program management, and event design, on a strategic and organisational level.  You can check out her LinkedIn or read some of her writing here and here.

Anna Kuliberda (she/her) is a coach, trainer and facilitator who supports individuals and organisations to be creative, innovative, and communicate better. Anna promotes the concept of We-Care, translating the culture of an individual self-care to one of the community. You can read more about Anna and her work as a coach and consultant on her website.

Santiago Zarate (he/him) is a Quality Assurance (QA) expert and an Open Source advocate, specializing in human side of tech interviews and building CV's, along with Quality Engineering, Agile Coaching, IT Career Guidance, and Leadership Coaching. He offers Mentorships in Technology with special focus on Coaching for neurodiverse people who are part of the ADHD tribe, the Autistic Spectrum tribe, which he belongs to too. Read more about Santiago on his website and check his LinkedIn profile.

Together, we have worked on and designed multiple social impact programs including more than 20 events. You can check out some of our clients and partners below.


We live in Germany and Denmark and our experience is very multicultural - we have worked with teams based in Western, Eastern, and Southern Europe, as well as in the US, the Middle East, Turkey, and Latin America (Venezuela, Colombia, Panama).

If you are into diversity, so are we.


Anna Kuliberda
Alicja Peszkowska
Santiago Zarate


The secret of doing it all well is a healthy work environment. Recognising that is the base for achieving sustainable social change. We are used to viewing humans as resources instead of individuals. The truth is, teams and organisations work better if you treat people like humans, not robots.


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